Financial support

Assured and effective solutions in area of financing healthcare are the key to development and improvement, increasing and renovating of medical units. Thanks to our experience we understand and meet all the challenges regarding you and the business you conduct. We will offer individually suited conditions and we will present the financial strategy, which would be mostly effective for you.

Wherever you are a medical doctor, aiming to conduct private practice or you plan to extend the already possessed fell safe to fully trust the professional support, competence and experience of our experts. We ensure the wide range of best financial solutions fitting your requirements and possibilities.

We offer a wide range of alternative financing methods dedicated to doctors, non -public health units, diagnostic centres, alter care units and pharmacies.

Contact as and obtain the financial support fitting your needs:

  • medical loans,
  • finance lease
  • operating lease,
  • lease-back,
  • credits offer

The obtained assets will enable you to:

  • financing brand new or used medical equipment
  • purchasing side accessories
  • purchasing capital assets dedicated to activity conducted, such as, inter alia ambulances or other vehicles



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Financial support




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