Projecting and providing equipment to medical facilities

Fully enorgomical projects of facilities secures the highest comfort to both personal team and patients.

Our projects combine all: the high tech und up to day style, the feeling of comfort and practical, already proved and save solutions.

Taking advantage of new technologies, the need of increasing the enorgomy of the facilities, improvement of aesthetics, arrangements of new areas – those state only few of our clients’ needs and requirements.

The medical facilities turned out to be the centre of interaction with the patient, that is the reason the way they look shall provide the feeling of being safe and trigger good emotions. We create the arrangement of medical facilities, providing them not only their ergonomics and aesthetics, but also helping with the proper equipment and technology. Any Idea is created in awareness of facility specifications and equally taking cares of any details needed. Our aim states creating of comfortable work environment as well as fine surgeries insides and others. All our architectonical projects fulfil all the legal and safety requirements.

Architects and designers cooperating with us offer an ample portfolio, which contains implementations for any type of medical facilities, inter alia:

  • medical clinics
  • surgeries
  • dental clinics
  • rehabilitation facilities
  • pharmacies

See wide range of our competences and obtain a best possible solution for your business. Our projects cover:

  • new buildings projects
  • facilities’ adaptation
  • rebuilding and reorganisation for purposes of usage
  • choosing of final materials and colorization
  • lighting systems support
  • individual furniture projects
  • visualisation of architectural conceptions and presentation of metamorphosis

We treat every of our clients individually giving them projects perfectly fitting their needs focusing on detailed consultations or pre-analyses.



Klinika Stomatologiczna



Sala Rezonans Magnetyczny

Szpital Warszawa Bielany


Sala Rezonans Magnetyczny

Szpital Warszawa Bielany


Sala Hybrydowa

Instytut Hematologii i Transfuzjologii w Warszawie


Zakład Patologii

Centrum Onkologii w Warszawie



Projecting and providing equipment to medical facilities


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